Seamless copper gutters look great on brick or stone homes. With the right touch of paint on the walls, they would suit any home. Our experts at Slimline Gutters can help you decide if copper gutters are right for your home. We’ll look at some benefits of both aluminium and seamless gutters in this blog.


Seamless copper gutters are durable. They will last the test of time in any climate, from subzero to blazing hot. They will never rust and will last for decades. They are also unique and aesthetically appealingl. It is also important to note that copper gutters will form a coat of patina over time through oxidation, but this adds a new rustic and vintage look to your home. Most importantly copper seamless gutters are low maintenance.


Seamless aluminium gutters on the other hand look phenomenal on every home and are available almost every colour imaginable. They are also low maintenance, gutters with joints are more prone to debris clogs. Seamless aluminium gutters provides a leak-free system with fasteners and joints only located in the corners and downspouts.


There’s a wide range of seamless gutters to choose from and everyone loves variety. Aluminum gutters are available in a multitude of colours that are baked on, so you never have to be concerned about paint chipping. All seamless gutters are custom-made specifically for your home down to the inch. With professional installation, these gutters offer the best possible protection for your home from water damage.