Company Profile

Slimline Gutters was established in 2008 with the intention of servicing the greater Cape Town area.

The goal being, to create, not necessarily the largest independent operation, but one offering excellent service with the best quality material. Namso Slimline Gutters prides itself on delivering the best service in town. Being owner managed and physically completing frequent site visits by the owner and manager, a firm hands on approach is taken. We pride ourselves on finishing on time and in budget.

Knowing the tempestuous Cape weather it is vital to ensure that we use quality products and excellent workmanship. The products have to withstand: Gale force winds, heavy and persistent rainfall as well as very hot and dry summers. A challenge in any aspect of building, but particularly pertinent in the roofing and guttering arena. Namso Slimline Gutters is up to the challenge.

We install all types of gutters. Industrial or Domestic Box Gutters is no hassle as we specialize in manufacturing any size of box gutter up to 1.5m in width. We reach very high working areas by using Cherrie pickers or easy lift equipment. All our staff is medically fit to perform their work as stated on our medical file that assist us on sites during the installations. We are in compliance with BIBC and workmanship compensation fund.