Bearing the brunt of the elements, the outer surface of the roof takes a hammering. Pouring rain and howling winds for weeks on end in winter. Baking sunshine with high UV exposure and desiccating dry air in summer.

When your roof needs a face lift, Slimline Gutters is your roof cleaning and spray painting doctor. Concrete tiles, steel tiles and galvanized sheet roofing. With years of experience in painting and refurbishing roof surfaces, we are experts.

Ensuring that the roof is properly inspected. Thorough stripping and cleaning, repairs and maintenance. Then using the correct product of the highest quality, for the appropriate surface. Be it painting by hand or spray painting.

We do the job properly and comprehensively. Our expert workmanship means we put our money where our mouth is and guarantee our product.

For high pressure roof cleaning & spray painting, contact us for a free quote.

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