We offer roofing as part of our services and include industrial, domestic and asbestos roof cleaning.


As specialists in the domestic  roofing market,with over a decade in the market, we pride ourselves as being market leaders. All projects  are thoroughly assessed and scoped. All jobs are management supervised and executed by a team of very well trained and expert craftsmen. We pride ourselves in the highest quality of _work and guarantee  the outcome.


There is no job too big for us to tackle. Needing to retain the value of your industrial property,the roof is essential. From minor maintenance,full refurbishing to overall replacement. All project are management supervised and completed with meticulous attention to detail. We stand by our workmanship and guarantee our results.


Knowing the health  hazards and safety concerns around Asbestos is our forte. The risk posed to inhabitants and the environment are perilous. It is critical to remove  the material in a careful and safe manner. We have both the skills to  remove  and replace it with the utmost  care. We closely supervise the project with the greatest care. Work is guaranteed  and executed to the highest standards.

Materials and systems we use


The Safelock clip incorporates a dual action component to positively hold down the male-female joint on every third rib, and an anchor to clasp the two inner ribs.

Every rib is therefore secured, making it fully interlocking. It is essential that the male rib is directly engaged to the underside of the clip.


Chip-block – also known as particleboard, low-density fibreboard, and chipboard – is an engineered wood product manufactured from wood chips, sawmill shavings, or even sawdust, and a synthetic resin or other suitable binder, which is pressed and extruded.


IBR roof sheeting is a square fluted profile with an effective covering width of 686mm, designed for use as side cladding or roofing material in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. The name IBR is abbreviated from “Inverted Box Rib” and has become a household name in the African building industry.

We source the highest quality IBR roof sheeting with the durability and longevity the primary concern.

Corrugated Iron

Corrugated galvanised iron or steel is a building material composed of sheets of hot-dip galvanised mild steel, cold-rolled to produce a linear corrugated pattern.

Working with corrugated iron is very challenging and requires precision to complete the job properly.

We ensure that from the beginning of the project all measures are meticulously met.